Car Dealership

Operating a car dealership can be tough. The demand for extended and unaccompanied test drives), and the risk of vehicle theft and misuse. Our Fleet management software can ease all of these burdens whilst increasing sales, improving the customer experience and protecting your Insurance as claims can be costly.

Test Drive Tensions & Extended Test Drives

With our Fleet management software your car dealership can offer Extended or unaccompanied test drives with complete piece of mind.

Many motorists say they would have more confidence in their dealer if they had extended or unaccompanied test drives, while 60% of customers who take an extended test drive go on to buy a vehicle from that dealer.

Extended Or Unaccompanied Test Drives

  • Offers a pressure-free environment – people like to make their own lifestyle choices rather than being sold to, without being rushed
  • Having someone watch a customer drive can make them nervous, so unaccompanied test drives can enhance their experience of the vehicle
  • Allow your Customers to involve family and friends in the buying of a vehicle

The risks associated with Extended Or Unaccompanied Test Drives:

  • Damage / wear and tear to the vehicle
  • Vandalism
  • Road traffic accidents involving the vehicle
  • Theft

With our fleet management system, you’ll know the location of your vehicles at all times

More Than a Tracking Device

Our GPS tracking device have the ability to record every detail about the journey speed, essential maintainace, speeding alert, crash alert. Fleet management is more than just a tracking solution; it’s also about using the data to your advantage.