Thatcham Approved Devices

Thatcham approved GPS tracking device may be a pre requisite from your insurance company in order to provide you with insurance.

Thatcham series are designed and tested in order they meet with the requirements requested by UK insurance companies.

Insurance providers may request a certain Thatcham category (S5, S7 or S5+) depending on the vehicle type.

Thatcham Category S5

Thatcham Category S5 is for devices that provide vehicle tracking and Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR).

ADR is an element tracking products that identifies approved drivers.

These identifiers, the driver keeps on their person. Vehicle movement without the unique identifier will automatically send an alert to the owner directly.

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Thatcham Category S7

Thatcham Category S7 is the new classification for vehicle trackers without ADR.

All Thatcham Devices Include

Level 1 Police Response
Your Vehicle Monitored 24/7