Our Tracking Devices

Trackassist can offer your business three types of vehicle tracking devices, the main difference being the installation process, Our choice of devices will give your business the freedom to choose which device works best for you. If you are unsure together we can help you find a solution for your business. 

Self Install Tracker

The perfect choice for those requiring devices to be moved from one vehicle to another regularly, our self-installed devices are portable and require no installation appointment to get started. 

 Attach the device’s wires to the vehicle’s battery, and in minutes you can access the telematics data for that vehicle.

Switch device between vehicles in minutes.

Hardwired Tracker

Hardwired tracker, installed by our highly skilled engineers completely hidden from view, schedule the installation when your vehicle is free to reduce downtime.

The hardwired device is difficult to tamper with giving you extra layer of security.

Plug & Play Tracker

Our Plug and Play Device can simply be plugged into your vehicles OBD (On – Board Diagnostic) port and you are ready to go in minutes as soon as the LED lights light up on the device.

No need for a professional to install saving you vehicle downtime and installation fees.